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September 18, 2015 | Comments Off on longchamp bags uk For the latest in music news

Dave Matthews Colbie Caillat Kick Off NFL in New Orleans

The big news of the night is that the NFL season has begun with the New Orleans Saints taking on the Minnesota Vikings at home earlier tonight. The Saints are last year Super Bowl champs, and they raised their brand new Super Bowl banner during the game. However, it isn just the action on the field that is getting all the attention tonight.

Before the game, the fans in New Orleans had some music to entertain them. Dave Matthews and Taylor Swift helped start things off with a pre game concert in Jackson Square. Taylor Swift is getting ready to release her next album Now next month, and Dave Matthews is still out in support of the band 2009 effort, Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. The pre game concert was aired on both broadcast networks and the NFL Network on cable.

Not only did these two perform before the game, the fans at the stadium were also offered some pre game entertainment with a rendition of the National Anthem performed by singer, Colbie Caillat. Looks like not everyone loved her performance from the reactions it is receiving on the Internet this evening.

As for the football game itself, the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the opener for the season with a score of 14 9. Are you ready for some football? Sports and great music. Not a bad combination there at all! Did you tune in to the pre game festivities for tonight NFL kickoff? Check out video of Colbie Caillat performance in addition to one part of Dave Matthew set for the kickoff concert below!For the latest in music news, go here.

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